A guide to smarter love, dating, and relationships

Dating is a struggle. We are here to help you through it so you can thrive in your thirties, both in your career and personal lives.

Meet Your Non-Experts At Love

Life in your 30s is complicated. Thirsty & Thirty is a fun, informative & ‘blind leading the blind’ chat show on smarter love. We made the mistakes so you don’t have to! Our goal is to make you better at your relationships.


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Wall of Modern Love

When I Can’t Help But Give Him A Freebie

Dear Thirsty Girls, I’m so happy that your topic is self-love this week. I have to say I’m becoming so much more wiser now in looking for a future partner

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When You Finally Meet Someone From Bumble But There’s No Spark

Dear Thirsty Ladies, I am a bumble guy. I love bumble because one of the main things I look for in a woman is a good conversationalist. So a few

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When Mom Doesn’t Believe He Is The One

Dear T&T, I've been officially dating this new guy for 5 months. Yes, pandemic success! He's everything I've ever asked for. Tall, funny, and smart. He charmed me instantly! In

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