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Dating is a struggle. We are here to help you through it so you can thrive in your thirties, both in your career and personal lives.

Meet Your Non-Experts At Love

Life in your 30s is complicated. Thirsty & Thirty is a fun, informative & ‘blind leading the blind’ chat show on smarter love. We made the mistakes so you don’t have to! Our goal is to make you better at your relationships.


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Wall of Modern Love

We already slept together, but he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship yet…

Dear Thirsty Girls, When I saw your guests this week, I was so excited. Finally some men in your show. Here’s the situation: I’ve been seeing this guy for 6

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Everytime I’m heartbroken, my finances are also wiped out…

Dear Thirsty Girls, I’m so happy that you are back with hopeful topics this 2021. I have to say this topic on finance in romance really struck a chord with

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When I’m Annoyed At Her Humor

Dear Thirsty Girls, Like most men lately, I’ve only been able to meet girls through dating apps. You  know, virtual romance is real. My chosen dating app is Bumble because

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