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When You Finally Meet Someone From Bumble But There’s No Spark

Dear Thirsty Ladies,

I am a bumble guy. I love bumble because one of the main things I look for in a woman is a good conversationalist. So a few months ago I matched with this girl, and right off the bat, GREAT conversation. It was smooth, smart, and funny. We texted back and forth for a month and would text for hours on end. We got to know each other really well. I felt the most intense connection and I really developed strong feelings for her. Fast forward month number 2, we decided to finally just go on an actual date. ( i know not the best thing to do during a pandemic, but i just had to see her) So we went to dinner and literally, CRICKETS. Nothing. The banter we had went from 100 to zero in person. I chalked it up to first date jitters and asked her out on a second date. Sadly, it was still the same thing. She could barely hold up her end of the conversation. I asked questions and all I would get back were one line answers. I did not ask her out on a second date because it was such a disappointment. Ladies, help me. What happened? Was I asking the wrong questions? Did I completely misread the connection? What should I do to avoid this next time?

Super confused,

Mr. Daldal

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