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When Mom Doesn’t Believe He Is The One

Dear T&T,

I’ve been officially dating this new guy for 5 months. Yes, pandemic success! He’s everything I’ve ever asked for. Tall, funny, and smart. He charmed me instantly! In January 2021 he met my family and my best friends – they were not charmed! I thought the meeting went well, but I was wrong. They are usually a pretty easy going bunch, but they said he was cocky and masama kutob nila about him. I do not see what they’re talking about. Today, I am head over heels, I think I may even love this guy. My mom still insists that he is not the one. She or my friends can’t give me a specific reason why they don’t like him. I’m confused and annoyed. I really like him! Should I listen to them or follow my heart?




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