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When I’m Too Much of A Mr. Nice Guy

Dear Thirsty and Thirty!

Met a girl at this new place I work at. Immediately she was very engaging, sweet, really extra nice. She would bring dessert and home cooked meals. What a flirt! Of course I flirted back. Then I hear she has a boyfriend But I dunno why she was entertaining me more than she should’ve. we would text A LOT!!! Too much for a girl who was in a relationship. Then she calls me out of the blue at 12am crying. Saying she broke up with the guy. And of course being the gentleman that I am, I consoled her. We would hang out and talk for hours on end. 4 hour phone calls in the middle of the night. She was throwing so many compliments my way. I wondered if maybe she’s into me? Then suddenly the texting and calling stops. Almost a week of no contact. Am I being ghosted?!?!?! Gaaaaaah super labo naman. I saw her today and it was like She was avoiding me. What to do?!?! You think she got back together with her ex? Lend me your expertise ladies!


Warmest greetings,

Shoulder to cry on

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