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When I’m Annoyed At Her Humor

Dear Thirsty Girls,

Like most men lately, I’ve only been able to meet girls through dating apps. You  know, virtual romance is real. My chosen dating app is Bumble because I find the girls to be smarter there as compared to other dating apps.

See, I’m a sapiosexual and a self proclaimed book lover. I read 100 books last year and I enjoy deep/meaningful conversation. Humour also gets very far with me! Anyway, running through my good reads book list is not the point of this letter. I met a girl. Her name is Grace. She is cute, sexy, smart, independent. Al the things I ever wanted in a dream girl. I feel like I’m in 500 days of summer. Anyway, I have to say I really started to like her….until she started too many jokes, memes, gifs and amusing things. I don’t know why but the jokes started to turn me off a little bit. We’ve somehow become buddies, than me attracted to her.

She is perfect in every way except I’m no longer laughing at her jokes. What can I do? Is this repairable?

Bumble Bee

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