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When I Regretted The Breakup

Dear Thirsty Girls and Guests,

I was dating a guy for 5 years. We were inseparable before COVID-19. We did everything together from sports, to road trips to eating out. We loved each other’s company so much. He was my numero uno.

When the pandemic hit, I lost my job. And it was tough on me. He was very supportive and tried his best to console me. I, on the other hand, just fell in a rabbit hole. It was draining for both of us.

So I did the right thing and I broke up with him.

It’s been two months and I regret the decision.

I’m also in a much better place now as I started working again.

Help, how can I win him back or at least show that I’d like to rekindle our relationship? I miss him a lot.



Ms. Regretful Lady

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