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When I Can’t Help But Give Him A Freebie

Dear Thirsty Girls,

I’m so happy that your topic is self-love this week. I have to say I’m becoming so much more wiser now in looking for a future partner after a few of your episodes. You always give me the best reminders!

So here’s the deal…my love language is giving gifts. So the past few times, I’ve fancied a guy…I’ve always sent the guy tokens of appreciation.

I’m a Bumble believer that the girl can make the first move. So,last week I met this hot guy online. And I decided to send him some homemade pastries I made. (yes, I got into quarantine baking.) Here’s my question, is it ok to send gifts as a girl to a guy?

Should I expect something in return or not?

And what if I don’t get anything back?

I’m making carrot cake this week and I’m thinking of sending him some because I enjoy our conversations. Advice please?

Much sugar,

Ms Baker, wanting to be a Mrs Baker

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