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We already slept together, but he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship yet…

Dear Thirsty Girls,

When I saw your guests this week, I was so excited. Finally some men in your show. Here’s the situation: I’ve been seeing this guy for 6 months. It’s been on and off. I live in Manila. He lives in a surftown.

I’m thinking of moving to his town. But I haven’t told him yet. Because, I’m a bit confused with our situation. On our first date, we slept together. After that, he told me he wanted to slow it down. And, he wasn’t ready for a relationship. BUT, he valued our connection. So, since then, we do hangout together with me driving to see him on weekends. We surf, we talk. We do all sorts of nature loving things! I really love hanging out with him. Here’s where I think it’s sketchy. We haven’t slept together or had any intimate contact since the first time.

I understand it’s covid. And all my female friends say, it’s great he wants to slow down. Pero, worth it ba to continue down this road? Is he dragging me along?

Miss Naghahabol

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