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I’ve been catfished three times with a varying scale of weirdness…

Dear Thirsty Girls,

When I heard the topic about this episode, I had to send you my catfishing experiences. I’ve been catfished three times with a varying scale of weirdness.

The first time I was young in Europe, and it was in the suburban outskirts of Strasbourg. The guy’s online profile was a young muscular dude (MAY ABS SA PHOTO HA).
Late at night, he comes to pick me up in a minivan type of vehicle. It’s a creepy old dude, with like a shovel and some other tools in the back of the van. I asked him to lift his shirt up (WALANG ABS HA) I was like, hell no, i didn’t even get in his car.

The second time was just your basic catfish. It was not a serial killer vibe. Yung type na cute in the photo, old dude in person the moment I saw him, I was like “it’s not you in the photo”
He responded, “Yeah, I’m in the closet. I don’t want to send my real photo, are you interested?” I’m like no. Bye.

The third experience…And I have a disclaimer that the third time is NOT THE CHARM. It was on Grindr. This guy’s profile photo was a handsome caucasian man. let’s call him “David”
He asks me to meet him at his apartment, so I go. When I get there, I message him, “I’m here outside”. Waiting for him to give me the codes to enter his apartment etc. time passes, it’s taking a while… while I’m waiting, I see this other guy, Latino, kind looks like me a bit, also waiting nearby let’s say he was wearing red shorts and a black shirt and I was wearing jeans and a white shirt.

“David” then sends a message on Grindr saying, hey, I’m here, I’m wearing red shorts and a black shirt… so I’m like wtf… around that moment, the Latino guy goes up to ME and asks, “Hey, are you, David?” he’s like I’m supposed to meet this guy on Grindr and he says he’s here wearing jeans and a white shirt (which was what I was wearing) I ask to see the Latino guys Grindr, and I know that it’s the same David messaging him as well. So it seems David messaged both of us to come. And now he’s somewhere watching us both from the inside.

Both the Latino guy and I were laughing at the ridiculousness of this encounter. We have been “double catfished.” We both walk away, laughing and shocked.

I eventually confronted “David” on Grindr after, and I’m like wtf was that? Why did you do that to us? and he was like… I wanted a threesome.

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