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Explicit toys and she’s not into it…

Dear Thirsty Girls,

I’m a German viewer based in Australia. I met a beautiful Filipina and we’ve been dating for a year. Before lockdown, I took her to Sexyland. It’s a sex toy shop in the city of Melbourne that is just a block away from my work. It was an exciting little trip for us on a Friday night as we wanted to spice up our bedroom time.

There’s a bit of a catch. We went into the shop and she looked alarmingly uneasy. While I went straight to the explicit toys. She grabbed a tiny vibrator size of a double aa battery. and said that it was her first ever toy. Then she whispered, “I’m not sure I’d be into it.”

HELP. THIS IS A RED FLAG. What do I do as in Germany, we love our adult toys. HELP.

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