Say ‘No’ To Bad Dating Habits & Patterns.


Hello to our Thirsty friends,

It’s been a while since our last email. Ciari and I took a break from recording episodes to refresh and experience real-life dating. We’ll update you more on that and share some of our lessons along the way.

Alexa, one of our favorite T&T girls, sent us this image above. Of course, we laughed at the reality for some of us. 

Then, I stopped and thought: why do I think it’s nearly impossible to find someone? Is it me? Or is it them?

Here’s what I’ve realized in the last two years of dating, every woman (or man) must know the answer to these two questions before entering the dating ring.

  1. What is your tililing (crazy) factor? Or, what makes you tough to date?
  2. And, what are some patterns you have in your past that you need to be aware of?

Let me confess my answers. I adore men from other countries. I purposely seek foreigners. And, why is that? It’s not because I’m just fascinated with their culture. I sometimes visualize the adventure of building a life with them. And in the end, I get disappointed when it doesn’t live up to my dream. This was my 32nd year epiphany!

No man or woman can promise you the life you want. Nor can you even control them to act the way you want. The truth is, as Charles Munger (American Investor) said it:

 “To find a worthy mate, be worthy of a worthy mate.” 

The most vital stage before being ready to date again is to improve your self-awareness. As a result, you’ll grow into the person you’d like to be. If not, you’ll just fall back into old patterns. So this year, make it a goal to know what you like and don’t want in a relationship.

So here are a few gifts we’ve prepared for you from the T&T toolbox:

  • A love audit to help you practice smarter love — Take two to three hours of your week. Sit down with a wine or a coffee. And go through our audit. Have a look at your track record of self-love, romantic love, friendships, family, emotions, and spirituality. Make a copy and save it!

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Journal prompts for the Thirsty & Thirty:

  1. What has not worked in the past in my dating life that I need to address?
  2. What activities can I do to be open to meeting more people?
  3. How can I enjoy dating more?

Every week, Ciari and I set a goal to improve our relationships. This newsletter is for anyone that wants to improve their personal life. If you have a friend that might need this right now, send them the subscribe button below.

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We have a few more episodes coming up. And we’ll be live again on Jan 19, Wednesday, 9 PM. Stay posted through our Instagram.

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